I make sure you are remembered

by teaching you how to write a book about your life story

Unforgettable… That’s What You Are!

Character sketch template that helps you unleash the physical and mental picture of how you want to be represented in your book

How Will You Benefit?


You a re a family gem, a walking heirloom that is admired and priceless.


Your children, their children and all other future generations need to know how you became the matriarch that they admire


You rocked it. You’ve lived, loved, succeeded and failed and they need you to tell them though a story how to persist through life

Tell Your Story

Don’t allow your family to forget about you, dull down or misspeak the highlights of your life. They don’t want to but as time goes on memories can fade and other storyteller viewpoints can miss the mark. You tell the story. You leave the footprint.

How Does It work?

This is not a journal or diary. Those things tend to be uncovered and usually never shared because they are thought of as private. Writing a chapter from your life story is a living, breathing outcome that can be shared for many years. Imagine you reading it to your grandchildren before they go to bed.You will learn how to write your story with real truths along with the sparkling elements of fiction so that story reads like a novel.

Just Follow These Steps

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Meet with me to discuss your goals and struggles with writing your life story.

Step 3

Start your path to finally writing your book!

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Hi I’m Angela!

I am a national best selling author who has a Master’s Degree in Instruction and early on in my writing career discovered that I loved teaching people how to write by creating templates and job aides that were easy to understand and promoted action. Soon, I was acknowledged in more books with the most heartfelt thank yous than the number of books that I’d written. It is so rewarding to empower someone to do something they’ve always thought about but never attempted because it seemed overwhelming.
Now that I have grandchildren, I’m exactly where you are. I want to be remembered. I’d like them to know more about me and about a part of my life that was spectacular, award-winning, movie worthy. I want my story to live on in future generations.

Connect With Me

“I wrote my first novel without any professional experience. I joined writer’s groups, read books on elements of great storytelling and took a course through the mail with a wonderful editor. My book was listed on a national bestseller list and I just happened to come across it as I was looking through this national magazine while standing in the grocery store line. It was an incredible feeling of accomplishment. After I purchased every copy in the store and babbled incoherently through buying my groceries,I sat in my car, stunned and exhilarated. If I can do it, so can you! Your family will be your first audience and then the world.”

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